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Hello from liffyboy (NEW MEMBER)

Hello to everyone in the Islington Flat
I am currently preparing a seminar on Sarah Kane and thought I would type her name into the interests search. Through the search i came across this community and when i saw that it said "for anyone who writes, or would like to write, scripts for the stage, radio, television or film" i decided i'd like to join. The reason being is that I am planning on starting a science fiction script soon for a feature trilogy. So i was hoping to get advice from other members about how to write it or find someone who is an expert on science fiction that could help me write it.

Also, going back to Sarah Kane, my seminar is on Thursday and i will be investigating her plays and their context, particularly 'Blasted' and '4.48 Psychosis' so if you have anything to mention about Kane and her plays, please let me know in case it can shed some more light.

Thank You
Eilif Gustafson
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