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Title: sandrian, for now
Author: </a></a>thepillowman
Brief synopsis: er, yeah. futuristic-style strangeness, with a bit of nirvana love thrown in to scare the kiddies. written for performance by 8-12 year-olds, maybe 13-16s at a push. this is the first 10 minutes of what end up at about and hour long. all names definitely subject to major change, as i don't really like any of these.

(Sirens. Celerians search)


Voice (off) Over here.


(Censions exit. A solitary giggle is heard. Another joins it. Then another. Jonathan, Alex and Deanna climb out of their hiding-places, laughing uncontrollably. They are all carrying heavy sacks)


Alex (laughing) Did you see…


Jonathan They didn’t even bother to –


Deanna That was close.


Alex Come on Dee, they wouldn’t have found us if we’d danced around naked in front of them singing the planetary anthem. They only ever look in the obvious places.


Jonathan They’ve no imagination.


Deanna And imagination is all we have.


Alex Not all. We’ve got these. (he holds up a battered notebook)


Deanna Yeah, and we can hide behind that when they come back with ray guns.


(Deanna and Jonathan laugh)


Alex All right, you can laugh now, but just you wait. This is all we have left of the old days. It must have survived for a reason. There must be something special about it or it would have been destroyed along with everything else.


Jonathan Alex, a bunch of old poems –


Deanna Which don’t even make sense for the most part.


Jonathan – aren’t going to ‘save the world’. There’s no ‘ancient wisdom’ in them, as you seem to think there is. They’re just…rubbish.


Alex They are not


Jonathan Oh, come on. What help do you really think they’re going to be?


Deanna Hey, calm down. We don’t need to have this argument again right now. The Celerians could come back at any moment. And I wasn’t joking about the ray guns.


(They climb up to the restaurant. It is gloomy and dusty, and an Old Man wipes a table)


Old Man (singing) Come as you are…as you were…


Jonathan Rican? We’re back.


Rican Jonathan? Ah, and Deanna. Now where’s Alex? Oh, there you are. What have you brought for me today?


(they begin to empty their sacks onto one of the tables)


Deanna We found a couple of tins of beans in a skip. Hi…heynez? Uh, I can’t read it…


Jonathan And we managed to steal a couple of loafs of derba each from the market, but they’re only little ones…


Deanna And I found some old teacups buried on the beach – proper ones, with bottoms and everything…

Rican Teacups, eh? Oh, marvellous, marvellous. (to Alex) And what about you? What have you found?


Alex I don’t know if you’ll want it; it doesn’t look like anything much…


Deanna You’d better show him. He might know what it is, at least.


(Alex pulls a green glass bottle, stopped with a cork, out of his bag. Rican takes it from him and removes the cork. He sniffs the contents, then takes a swig)


Rican (laughing) Good boy, good boy. I haven’t tasted that in a long time.


Jonathan I found this, as well. Don’t know what it’s for, but you could put it on the wall to add a bit of colour. (he hands Rican a brightly coloured poster. Rican stares at it for a long time)


Deanna What is it?


Rican What? Oh, this. I don’t know. You keep it, there’s a good boy. (he hands the poster back to Jonathan)


(They empty the sacks into some of the crates lying around. Rican starts singing again)


Alex What’s that?


Rican What?


Alex You said something. But it sounded - strange.


Rican Oh, that. I don’t know what it is, but I haven’t been able to get it out of my head for fifty years.


Jonathan Fifty years? What is it?


Rican I just said that I don’t know. Pay attention. Someone taught it to me, a long time ago…


Deanna Fifty years ago?


Rican Clever girl. How did you know that?


Alex Who taught it to you?


Rican Someone.


Alex Yeah, but who?


Rican I don’t remember his name. But I do – I do remember what he looks like.




Deanna Er, what does he look like?


Rican Like treasure!


(Deanna and Jonathan look at each other. Alex stares at Rican)


Alex Like…treasure? Rican, does he have a long blue sparkly coat? And big, spiky hair?


(Rican nods, lost)


Alex I’ve seen him.


Jonathan Me too. He’s on this poster.


Alex But he was in my dream.


Deanna Your dream? Oh, for goodness sake…


Alex No, he was. And there were all these other people, as well. Following him. Or maybe leading him.  They were all different


Rican – but all the same.




Deanna You can’t have people who are the same but different. That’s –


Rican Not “the same but different”. Different, but the same.


Jonathan There’s something on the back of this. Lines, like a map. And numbers. Co-ordinates – for a planet, maybe?


Rican I’d imagine that’s where you’d find him, if you were so inclined.


Deanna Why would you imagine that?


Rican Because the map is on the back of one of his posters.


Jonathan But why does he have posters in the first place? Who is he?


Alex (quietly) He’s Sandrian.


(impressed pause)


Deanna Who?

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