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Sandrian, part 2

Title: Sandrian
Author: thepillowman
Brief synopsis: Next part. The story breaks down just Strange sparkly men and homoeroticism for kids. Lovely stuff.


(A cave. A crowd of people mill about discontentedly. They are waiting for something. Suddenly, the cave becomes very dim and a dark figure walks onto a raised platform. The figure raises its arms, and is lit by a spotlight from above. He is wearing a sparkly blue coat)


Sandrian (silence) Why have you come here?


(the people start waving posters – the same as the one Jonathan found. They shout loudly in reply, but no individual can be heard clearly. Sandrian raises his arms again and they shut up)


Man We didn’t want to be where we were anymore.


Woman We didn’t want to be who we were anymore.


Man We’re looking for happiness.


Woman That’s what it says on the poster: happiness.


Man Freedom.


Woman Truth.


Man Oblivion.


Woman Can you give it to us?


Sandrian Which one?




(The port. It is late at night and busy. Alex enters, annoyed. He is followed by Deanna and Jonathan, who are both giggling wildly and passing another green bottle between them.)


Jonathan Luck you didn’t tell Rican you’d found another bottle, Alex –


Deanna Or he’d have taken this one off us as well.


Alex Thanks for all your help, guys, really. Your behaviour is really making us look good to anybody who might have actually considered giving us a lift.


Jonathan and Deanna Sorry Al. (this sets them off laughing again)


Alex For goodness’ sake…excuse me, are you going to….wait, are you going anywhere near…? Oh, this is hopeless.


Deanna S’not hopeless, Al. Surely someone’ll be going that far out, right Jon…whoah. (she turns to face Jonathan, but smacks straight into a dodgy-looking character)


Gurvis And how far out might that be?


Deanna Er…


Adam Do we gather it right from your general demeanour that you’re looking for a hike to hitch?


Jonathan We’re just browsing, really…


Alex Jonathan. Yes, we are looking to catch a lift. How far would you be able to take us, gentlemen?


Gurvis How far would you be wanting to go, my dear young man?


Alex Um, well, we don’t recognise these co-ordinates, but we have a map here. (he shows it to him)


Adam A map! How delightful. Is it a treasure map, by any chance?


Deanna We’re not children, you know –


Alex He just looks like treasure, he’s not really -


(Jonathan kicks him)




Gurvis We’re always very excited by the prospect of treasure.


Adam Yes, very excited.


Gurvis We’d be prepared to go to great lengths for treasure.


Adam Yes, great lengths.


Gurvis But look at us, forgetting our manners. Adam.


Adam And Gurvis.


Gurvis My parents were funny people.


Alex Oh, right. I’m Alex, this is Jonathan, and she’s Deanna.


Adam Very pleased to make your acquaintances.


Gurvis Likewise.


Deanna So do you have a ship?


Gurvis Do we have a ship? Oh Adam, the lady wants to know if we have a ship!


Adam What a question for the lady to ask, Gurvis!


Gurvis What a question indeed. What, oh, what a question!


Jonathan …so do you have a ship?


Adam No.


Gurvis Not yet.


Adam But bear with us jus one very small moment, kind sirs and gentle lady…


(Gurvis and Adam run off. Shouting is heard.)


Voice (off) Oi, you can’t go on there, what do you think you’re doing? You can’t go in there. Don’t you point that thing at me. Now put that down…ooph.


Deanna Alex, who are these people?


Jonathan They’re treasure hunters. I’m sure I’ve seen their ‘wanted’ posters before. They’ll take the map and run, leaving us stranded, surely.


Alex I’m not letting this map out of my sight, and even if they do leave us stranded it can hardly be worse than being here. I think Sandrian might have something to do with these poems –


Deanna Why?


Alex You remember what Rican was – what did he call it? – singing? I’m sure I’ve read those words in here. And I heard them, in my dream.


Deanna Oh yes, your dream.


Alex The dream is the connection between the book and what happened to Rican.


Jonathan But we don’t even know exactly what happened to Rican. “Happy, floating bliss” isn’t particularly specific.


Alex No, Rican knows something, I’m sure he does. And what he knows has something to do with Sandrian.


Deanna Well, we have his phone number, in case anything –


Adam You might want to be getting on this ship now. Gurvis is just starting up the engine.


Jonathan Adam, is that your ship?


Adam It is now.


(A group of Celerians rush onto the opposite side of the stage from Adam. Caught between them, Jonathan, Deanna and Alex run off with Adam.)


Criticism, as always, greatly appreciated.

Edit: HTML fucking hates me. Ignore it.
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